Dr. Brian L. Weiss, MD, Psychiatrist and celebrated author of “Many Lives Many Masters” and other best-selling books on past-life regression.

“Mia exudes a unique warmth and energy that put me at such ease. Her skill and knowledge gave me great comfort to explore the depths of my life’s purpose and how to step into my power with joy! She has studied with the master Brian Weiss, who I worked with and adore, and is taking her practice to the next level.”

Marla Maples

Actor, Singer & Song Writer

I had the most wonderful experience with Mia Mor.  I have been waiting to do a past life regression for years but I was afraid of the process, what I would discover and the aftermath.  Mia was so reassuring and skilled, I was completely relaxed as she led me down the path to my past.

I recommend Mia enthusiastically to anyone who wants an extra tool to help them understand their current life, know themselves more deeply, or for anyone who is just plain curious.

Doreen Remen

CEO/Founder Art Markit, Co-founder Art Production Fund, NYC

I can tell people about their past lives BUT to experience it is absolutely transforming.  Mia is Amazing!”

Rachel Schwartz

Kabbalistic Astrologer, NYC

Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly. It is based on the awareness that your soul is eternal and reincarnates into different lifetimes to continue to transform and grow.


Past life memories are your soul’s autobiography.


We all carry memories from past lives into this life–unconscious memories that continue to affect us. We were born with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes. They can be things left undone, vows made, mistakes, successes, guilt, gratitude, traumatic and sudden deaths, wisdom, and love. These patterns, which can be positive or negative, are continually triggered and repeated in our present life affecting our relationships, behaviors, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health.

Positive patterns can feed talents, bestow wisdom, influence tastes, and energize life purpose.   Negative patterns fuel destructive, compulsive behavior, cloud judgment, cause injury and block your way. By making these memories conscious, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us, freeing us to live more fully in the present.


Past life regression is the process of healing the soul by healing the past.


The Benefits of Past Life Regression:

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past.  But for most, it’s a path to personal growth and healing.  With the help of a trained guide, past life regression can help you:

  • Transform stuck patterns and view significant relationships more clearly
  • Better understand the challenges we face in our lives and release blocks
  • Heal grief
  • Energize talents and abilities from the past
  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
  • Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems
  • Deepen our love for others
  • Gain a greater awareness and align with our life’s purpose
  • Feel a greater connectedness to the people and the world around us


We are eternal beings who are constantly seeking lessons to better ourselves.


What happens in the session?

My sessions generally last 1 ½ hours but I like to tell my clients to leave 2 hours open so that we can go at a relaxed pace. We spend some time discussing why you want to do a regression and what you would like to accomplish.  We then move on to the regression. The regression is done while reclining with your eyes closed. While in a light hypnotic trance. I guide you to remember your own past life memories. You are the central character deeply involved in the past life story. Typically, you can experience one to three lifetimes during the session. Past life regression is an amazing, full-sensory experience.  You might experience the memory as if you are observing a movie, or others may “feel” or “sense” things more than they see them. Sometimes the predominant reaction is that of hearing or smell. You might hear gunshots on a battlefield, or music at a dance or smell flowers in a garden, or smoke from a fire. As your story unfolds, you feel real emotions appropriate to the story; you may cry or feel despair or elation or feel the physical aches and pains of the experience. These physical sensations and emotions are very real in the moment but pass quickly as you move through the past life story and death. The goal is for you to gain direct experience of yourself as a soul journeying and growing through time towards healing. I assist you in processing the memories and relating them to your present life. I leave time after the regression to talk about the experience. You may feel very peaceful, or a little drained, or slightly disoriented. Hopefully, you will also be full of amazement at what you just experienced. I make sure you have time to get reoriented and grounded before you leave. I am there to guide you through the experience so you can get the full benefit of the process.  Sometimes the healing is immediate and dramatic, or can be more subtle and noticeable over time. After the regression, you will remember everything you experienced.  Over time, new layers of insight and understanding emerge spontaneously. 

Can everyone be regressed?

Most people can be regressed if they are open to the experience. Working with a psychotherapist with whom you feel that you can trust is important. In a trusting environment, you can then feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to be hypnotized. It is important that you think of being open to whatever is important for your highest good. However, it is important to know that regression therapy is not for everyone.  For example, it is not a good idea for anyone with a history of psychosis, schizophrenia, history of alcohol or drug psychosis, borderline personality disorder, senility, seizure disorder, narcolepsy, bipolar conditions and clinical depressive illnesses or those exhibiting suicidal tendencies. I do ask questions about your personal history to get a feeling for the issues you might want to address in the session and to make sure this type of therapy is appropriate for you.  It is also important that you feel comfortable with me. Listen to your intuition and you will know if you feel comfortable. Successfully accessing a past life has nothing to do with how many books you’ve read about past life therapy or reincarnation, or how much you want it.  It has more to do with your soul’s readiness, our rapport, your openness and willingness to change, as well as forces unknown or unforeseen on that particular day.  Every session is different. Clients who did not access a past life memory sometimes find that they were changed by something else that came up, just from focusing on their issues with me or from being in a deeply relaxed state, or from regressing to an early childhood experience, which is not uncommon.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the main technique I use to help clients access past life memories. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused concentration of the sort that many of us experience every day – when you are absorbed in a good book or a movie or when you have driven your car home without realizing how you got there – whenever we are on “auto-pilot.” When you are relaxed and your concentration is so intense that you are not distracted by outside noises or other stimuli, you are in a light state of hypnosis. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, in that you, the client, control the process. The therapist is merely the guide. One goal of hypnosis, as well as meditation, is to access the subconscious. This is the part of our mind that lies beneath ordinary consciousness, beneath the constant bombardment of thoughts, feelings, outside stimuli, and other assaults on our awareness. The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space and time; it can remember anything from any time. It can transmit creative solutions to our problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon wisdom far beyond our capabilities.   We experience moments of intuition, wisdom, and creativity when the subconscious process flashes into our conscious awareness. In a way, hypnosis is a continuum of which we are aware of the conscious and subconscious mind to a greater or lesser degree. When you are hypnotized you are not asleep. Your mind is always aware of what you are experiencing while you are hypnotized. Despite the deep subconscious contact, your mind can comment, criticize and censor. You are always in control of what you say and in what you do. Hypnosis accesses the wisdom of the subconscious in a focused way in order to achieve healing. The conscious mind is still present and is always aware and observing what you are experiencing while you are hypnotized. This is why people who may be deeply hypnotized and actively involved in a childhood or past life sequence of memories are able to answer the therapist’s questions, speak their current language and know the geographical places they are seeing, or even know the year. This is also why a hypnotized client, finding himself a peasant fighting in a medieval European war, for example, can recognize people from that past lifetime whom he knows in his current life. His present-day mind is aware, watching and commenting. He is the movie’s observer, it’s critic and usually its star and all the while, he can remain in the relaxed hypnotized state.

What results can you expect from your session?

Many different things can come out of a session. Re-experiencing and processing a past life memory might help you understand and resolve current relationships, begin to untangle emotional problems including phobias and compulsions, and even heal physical complaints. It might explain mysteries in your life and give you a greater sense of peace. Perhaps the greatest benefit is experiencing you as a soul who has lived before and will live again. Really knowing this can give you a different perspective, perhaps a little more objectivity, on your current life and make you feel different about your death. I cannot say what will happen in your session, but any or all of these benefits are possible, based on what I’ve seen in the past.

Past-Life Regression Credentials:

In 2015, I successfully completed a professional training program in Past Life Regression Therapy through The Weiss Institute from Dr. Brian L. Weiss, M.D. author of Many Lives Many Masters. I also completed my training in Ericksonian Hypnosis from the NLP Center of New York and became a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through The National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH).

Other Professional Credentials:

In 1993, I received my Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University and then worked under strict clinical supervision for many years to hone my skills. For the past 15+ years, I’ve run a successful private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

In 1998,I received my certificate as a Certified Employee Assistant Professional (EAP) specializing in workplace problems including conflict resolution, organizational restructuring, conduct issues and stressors that decrease work productivity.  I am currently utilized as an EAP referral source for companies including Goldman Sachs, Scholastic, and New York University.

In 2003, I completed my training as a Certified Life Coach from The iPEC Coach Training Program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the governing organization that sets and monitors the international standards for professional coaching ethics, training, and practices.

Most recently, in 2016, I became a certified ThetaHealer incorporating ThetaHealing® into my practice. Ever the seeker for innovative techniques to help people move forward, I continue to study the ThetaHealing® technique as a rapid way to access subconscious limiting beliefs to transform these beliefs that no longer serve you. Instead, you are left empowered to create optimal balance and health in all areas of your life.

Mia’s reputation as a clinician and past-life regression therapist made it across the ocean. So at my first opportunity to visit the United States I scheduled an appointment and I am so glad I did. Mia was calming and reassuring which immediately put me at ease. I was regressed to three different past lives and what was amazing was how intensely I experienced the feelings that came up for me in each life. Each life provided a different life lesson that I take with me now and have opened my eyes and my heart. Thank you, Mia, for this wonderful experience.

Ilana Erlikh

Director at Gus Group, London, UK

I had read extensively about past life regression and had very been curious, but something always stopped me from taking the plunge. I’m glad I waited because my session with Mia was transformative and helped me understand so many of my current situations and experiences. I felt right at home and extremely comfortable with Mia as she guided me gently into the past and through each life. She was kind and compassionate, helping me to see each movie as it was presented and who was there with me. After coming out of the regression, Mia offered thoughtful analysis and some practical tools to help me continue to “remember” and implement in my day to day life. I will definitely go back!.

Margot Leifer

Senior Vice President, Moelis & Company, NYC

I heard about past life regression and read the amazing accounts and healing benefits in Dr. Brian Weiss’s books and yet I was a little unsure because I’m very practical and I’m a doubter. Mia was calm and protective, safe and reassuring immediately made me feel comfortable. I was completely blown away by how easily I went “under”. The session progressed gracefully and with ease and before I knew it time was up. Mia took me on an incredible journey and it was a wonderful ride. I am definitely booking another session.

Darci Carlton DeMatteo

Owner, Say Cheese & Thank You, Stationary, Invites and Gifts, Westchester, NY

I have always wanted a past life regression session but the thought of having to go into a “hypnotic” state was terrifying to me. Mia was recommended by some of my friends. They had had readings with her and they all had positive experiences.

They encouraged me to schedule a session. I am so glad they did.  Mia gained my complete trust immediately. She was soothing, detailed in her explanation of the whole process, and completely caring. She answered my questions and allayed my fears. I could feel her innate kindness immediately. The session was incredible. I learned so much about my own life from the past lives that surfaced during the reading. I left the session feeling very positive and encouraged to pursue my goals and live life to the fullest.

Thanks again Mia! I will definitely be back for another session and I will definitely tell my friends about you.

Dr. Cynthia Gomez, D.D.S.

Owner, Periodontist Practice, NYC

Having read many books on past life regression, I was very eager to unlock the mysteries of my past, knowing it could help me understand and heal my present. My enthusiasm was also met with a great anxiety of what I might uncover so I did not pursue it.

When I found out that Mia Mor was a Past Life Regression Therapist, I asked to see her because I knew I could trust her through and through. My anxiety was quelled immediately upon walking into her peaceful space and seeing her loving face. Our first session was incredible! I never thought I could “go there” but I did!

While deep in meditation yet fully aware of all that was going on, my subconscious began to speak. During the session itself, I could feel that Mia was totally in tune with me and knew where to take me, and just the right way to get me there. I look forward to continuing to working together with Mia and regression therapy to help me resolve some major blockages that are affecting my life. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Sara Rotter

Executive Director of Sales, Halstead Property, NYC

I would like to start by saying I have never felt compelled to write a recommendation before, but after my absolutely amazing experience with Mia Mor I felt like I HAD to. I have been interested in past life regression for some time now; I’ve read the books; I’ve done the research and I still thought it was an experience that was not accessible to the ordinary person. That was until I met Mia, she made me feel so comfortable and I felt ready to take this journey. When we first met we talked about what is going on in my life, and what I wish to gain through the regressions. I usually never open up to people and have had trouble in the past speaking with therapists, but with Mia, I felt like I was speaking with an old friend. I can’t stress enough how easy and helpful it all was. I was really able to speak my truth freely. We then went into the hypnosis which she was so skilled at, she really knows what she’s doing and even provided little tricks where you also understood you were hypnotized not just foggy. That led into the regressions, which I won’t get into, but they were incredible in the sense that they all made so much sense to my life – the regressions were familiar. Mia was phenomenal at guiding me through different lives, and whenever anything felt uncomfortable she would gently guide me out of it. Once we were done we discussed what had happened and how it related back to our original conversation at the start. I walked out feeling light and at ease with the whole experience, which is pretty incredible if you think about how wild it all sounds on paper. It’s been one month since I saw her and I have to say I feel a lot better about all of my worries and fears.   It was a combination of the life coaching with the regressions that have taught me how to deal with fears. I would absolutely recommend Mia to any friend, family, random people walking down the street. She is the best of the best.

Paulina Gerzon

Actor, NYC

For many years I have been in awe of the work of Dr. Brian Weiss whereupon reading his work “Many Lives, Many Masters,” I became passionate about the subject of reincarnation. Mia Mor, a trained and licensed psychotherapist, had the merit to be trained by Dr. Weiss in the practice of Past Life Regression Therapy.

Yesterday Mia gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand the power of this work. It’s been 24 hours since our first session and my heart and soul are still profoundly moved to learn more, do more and be more in THIS lifetime, as a result of knowing past. I now understand the basis for some of my fears and my setbacks and can easily take ownership that they are deep-rooted corrections that I have been dealing with for centuries (literally).

If you have ever contemplated regression therapy, please make an appointment with Mia now. I know that once the word gets around, the waitlist will be very long to get in to see her. Mia has my highest recommendation and respect. Brava and Thank You So much, Mia, for this gift.

Daniel Bobby Tuttle

Actor, Creative Director, NYC

I recently went to Mia Mor for a past life regression session. I was a bit nervous and I wasn’t sure if it would really work.  The experience started as soon as I walked into the reception area, the staff was so friendly and the zen-like space so welcoming. Mia welcomed me with the warmest reassuring smile. Her office was so inviting that I truly felt so comfortable and relaxed.  

In the session, Mia guided me to a complete state of calmness and serenity, That’s worth it alone. I was so surprised that I was able to reach 3 different lifetimes. Mia explored with me the message from each life which is fundamental in the session. The key is to know how to take the lessons of the past and use them for the present and future. That’s where her experience as a therapist really shows up.

During the session what I most appreciated was that Mia didn’t force any responses, she only wanted me to feel safe and protected. As we finished Mia gives you time to process your experience. I learned which particular issues to take forward and to work on in my spiritual practice. You can feel Mia’s care at each step of the journey.    

Jayne Altman

Personal Shopper, Saks Fifth Avenue Club, NYC

It’s hard to put into words Mia’s complete and total dedication to her craft. She is absolutely the most wonderful therapist, life coach and now regression therapist. She is gentle and kind and takes her time in getting to know you and gets directly to the root of your soft spots. She always has a solution to any problem or situation and is the best at getting you out of your head when you feel stuck.   Even recently, during a regression she slowly and gently helped guide me through my deepest past in this life and then further even to a past life experience. I can’t wait to see her again and find out more through her guidance and expertise. Thank you Mia!

Betsy Low

Owner Betsy Low Design Company, NYC

I’ve taken my time writing this review because I wanted to see the longer-term effects and quite frankly, they have been remarkable.

I have always wanted to do past-life regression but nevertheless, I always doubted both the legitimacy of it and whether I could let go enough for it to happen.  Mia did a remarkable job, compassionately guiding me into a deeper state of conscious relaxation where I was able to connect with numerous past-life experiences. More importantly, where I was able to later connect them one to another, discerning patterns of recognition through time and within my current life.

I wasn’t easy for Mia, as certain areas of my past have been strategically blocked from my consciousness; yet, with gentleness and care, she found a way. Slowly over time, more and more connections unfold; a new awareness of your relationship with the people around you and to the universe will become readily apparent.

For me, personally, the floodgates of inspiration have reopened along with a better understanding of the dynamics of my family and of my place in the world. I’m looking forward to taking what I learned and pursuing it even deeper with Mia’s steady guidance and thoughtful analysis.  I’m looking forward to doing further end runs around deep-seated blockages and to attack them at their root causes. It’s the simplest and easiest way to overcome certain areas of my life that I’ve been blind to and lethargically blocked from.

Kudos to Mia Mor for taking and mastering this course of study that can, and is, helping so many of us, and thanks for my new awareness at such a critical time in my life and in the world.

Jeff Meiliken

Real Estate Associate & Author, Westchester, NY

Mia, my time with you was exactly what I needed. I felt that I was trapped in my anxiety and fears for the future; our experience together lifted that fear and honestly set me free to make me feel whole again. I have never before reached the state of relaxation as I did in our session.  Thank you so much for helping me and making me feel so comfortable the entire time.  I will forever remember this.

Tamar B.

Graduate Student, NYC

Thank you, Mia, for the experience of a lifetime.  I feel I have learned more in two hours about myself than in all the years of studying spirituality!  Through your gentle guidance, I entered past lives. From that experience, I realized that every decision that I make, not just the big ones but also the ones that are seemingly so insignificant, all stem from my experiences in my past lives.  You helped me to see that every aspect of my life today is a connected string of all the experiences that I had from my personalities in previous lives.

It was probably one of the most empowering days of my life.

I was a little hesitant to pursue this exercise with Mia because she is a good friend and I was concerned about her ‘knowing too much about me.’   I could not have been more wrong. Because of our relationship, I felt an instant trust as soon as we started. I felt so comfortable with her.  She was so respectful in helping me to know that I was in complete control of what I shared.

Mia was kind and gentle and loving as she took me down this path. The process was fascinating; Mia helped me to see the lessons from each life and how to use this information to better my life today. Instead of feeling that my challenges were overwhelming,  I learned where they came which gave me the understanding of how to make better choices. I would not have wanted to go through this exploration with anyone else but Mia.  With so much gratitude and appreciation thank you!

Debbie Meiliken

Realtor at Sotheby's International, Westchester, NY

My hypnotherapy experience with Mia was so amazing that is very hard to describe in words. Mia made me feel very comfortable and I was easily put in a state where I could start experiencing my past life experiences in a way that I never expected I could reach. It was a life-transforming experience and the outcome is something that will help me better understand many of the challenges and blessings that I have today in my life!!! Loved it!!!

Fabiola Lwow

Head of Americas Network Management at HSBC, NYC

In my early twenties, I was introduced to the book Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.  It was an eye-opening read that changed the course of my life.  Decades later, I met Mia and quickly connected with her.  I found her to be kind, compassionate, smart, and honest.  When I found out she studied with Dr. Weiss,  with great trust and comfort I went directly to her office to experience my own regression.  I left the office in a great state of calm and peace.  That night I experienced sweet dreams with loved ones that have passed on.  Mia led me, during the regression to a safe place to go to in my mind, a place I can return to when I am in need of a state of calm.  I would highly recommend this experience to everyone!

Donna Sirlin

Self-Employed, Philanthropist, NYC

I had read Dr. Brian Weiss’ books and when a friend told me about his life-changing experience with Mia doing past life regression therapy I looked into it. Going into this experience, I was a bit nervous, but I felt comfortable with Mia immediately. I felt welcome in her office and she made every effort to ensure my comfort and ease.

The session was very relaxing, I found Mia’s voice to be soothing and her words helped me feel safe. I found the experience to be healing. I woke up the next morning feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was able to see myself in a new light and be more accepting. It helped me to see life in a gentler way. I would do it again. If past life regression is something you are interested in, I highly recommend Mia to guide you on your journey. She is professional, caring, and has a lot of experience.

Hannah C.

Self-Employed, NJ

I highly recommend for everyone to visit Mia Mor for at least one session of Regression Therapy. Mia makes you feel truly relaxed and safe while helping you connect to a deeper part of yourself. After the session I felt so much lighter, I was able to confront false belief systems I’ve held on to my whole life and understand why I created them in the first place. Mia not only guides you on an amazing journey but she easily recognizes when to change things and put you at ease. Mia’s background in psychology helped me translate the messages I was telling myself and made it clear to me how I can use this experience to change my everyday life for the better. I’m truly grateful to Mia for creating a setting that allowed me to go on this journey.

Debra D.

Self-Employed, NYC

Ever since I can remember, I have had a tremendous fear of flying. I have ruined more than one vacation by not getting on the plane at the last moment and once caused the plane to stop on the runway so that I could disembark! I have not been on a plane since my youngest child was born and she is now 11yo. In my regression, I saw that I was a fighter pilot in WWI and my plane was shot down. My last moments were filled with tremendous sadness and loss that I would not see my wife and child again. I am writing this after successfully (and calmly) returning from my first trip to Italy with my husband – something I have wanted to do for over 25 years! Thank you, Mia!

Jill M.

Self-Employed, Roslyn, NY

I discovered what past-life regression was through my career coaching work with Mia.  After some encouragement, I decided to take the plunge and try it, after all, what did I have to lose?  Sitting in her office, I was shocked to find myself hypnotized and fought the little voice in my head that kept shouting “this is not real” the entire time.  Nonetheless, the images of my life as an ancient Egyptian woman and a powerful Damascus gangster were vivid.  The lessons I learned about accepting help and living a life with heart have helped me let go of my anxiety surrounding pregnancy.  As I begin fertility treatments, I am happy that I will be doing so relaxed and ready to accept the outcome, which is one of the biggest contributing factors to success.  Thank you, Mia, for introducing me to regression therapy and helping me let go of stress!

Patricia M.

Self-Employed, NYC

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