Mia gave me the tools, support, and inspiration to completely transform my life. Under her kind guidance as my Life Coach for 3+ years, I successfully changed careers, explored my sexuality, ended toxic relationships/strengthened others, began to deeply explore my true Self through various spiritual studies, and found a clear and balanced mind. Mia was instrumental in all of these transitions and milestones, always lending an objective ear and sound guidance that comes to mind often. Mia understands the hectic and complicated lives of New Yorkers, and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who could use a hand navigating life. On a lighter note, she has an adorable dog Otis, who never failed to snuggle during our sessions. Huge bonus!!

Abigale Hoke

Product Development Assistant Manager, NYC

I could not have come through the past year of my life without Mia and her guidance. She is beyond a therapist; she is truly a life coach that can help you see even through the darkest moments, to what is positive and give you the skills to move forward. She’s amazing!

Susan Tendler

Director, Estee Lauder Companies, NYC

Mia has been instrumental in helping me with the loss of my father and relationships in my life. Over the past two years, she has worked patiently with me to become a better man and I see this progress every day. Her theta healing technique really helped me in getting over the anger of this loss and other tragedies in my life. I look forward to continuing to work with her for the betterment of my life and professional career. Thankyou Mia!

Brent Hardgrave

Major Account Manager, Enhanced Technologies at Fortinet, NYC

“As a psychiatrist, I have referred many patients to Mia Mor over the years. Mia is really excellent and my patients love her! She is a gifted therapist and healer with a compassionate heart and action-oriented approach. I recommend her most highly! .”

Anna Yusim, MD.

Psychiatrist, NYC

“Just want to say a big THANK YOU for all of your help.  Mia, you have profoundly changed my life for the better and I am grateful to have met you.”

Cindy C.

Business Owner and Mom, NYC

“I can’t tell you how good I feel – so energized and like a weight was lifted off my chest.  Mia, you are amazing at what you do, thank you!!!”

Sara Rotter

Executive Director of Sales, Halstead Property, NYC

Mia is an amazing life coach perfecting the art of getting to the heart of every situation. As a busy businessman, my mind works in 50 directions at once. Mia breaks down every situation accordingly with a unique and clear perspective. I highly recommend her!

Henry Weber

Director of eCommerce Operations, L&R Distributors, NYC

“Mia and I first met over 8 years ago when my life was very much in transition. She is an amazing listener and her honesty, guidance and support is unparalleled. She has taught me many lessons, not just by giving advice but by guiding me to look at situations from a different point of view and manage them with confidence. I have the utmost trust in her skills and would highly recommend her to anyone. ”

Karen Olgin

Sales Director, The Huffington Post, NYC

“Mia is an unbelievably insightful life coach who has the ability to be both comforting and motivating at the same time. She has helped me work through my options when I felt stuck and now I couldn’t be happier. I feel more fulfilled in my work and more contented with myself. The changes I have made while working with Mia have led me to live a more balanced and joy-filled life.”

Rachel Idaspe

Manager, Stylist, Dramatics Salons, NYC

“Mia’s work and compassion has had a tremendous effect on my life. Her ability to help identify issues and provide me with the tools that I needed to work through them is remarkable. She has always been incredibly supportive and compassionate, and I am fortunate to have met her. I recommend her services as a life coach without hesitation.”

Brooke Kaylor

Senior Producer, Laird + Partners, NYC

“Mia is a true expert in her field. Her approach has been creative and effective in helping me achieve success in both my professional and personal life. Her passion for her field is evident in her work. I am truly grateful for her help.”

Dara Darguste

Clinical Coordinator, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC

“I’ve worked with a variety of therapists through the years, but Mia’s nurturing and ‘real’ approach to mental health helped me get to the bottom of critical issues that were holding me back in life. Mia is more than a therapist—she’s truly invested in her clients’ success. Now, I’m happier, healthier and feel like I’m on the path to something new and exciting…the way things ought to be! Thanks, Mia.”

Paul N.

Artist, Public Relations Specialist, NM

“Mia has a gift. Her wisdom and insight have guided me through a difficult period in my life bringing me to a deeper realization of myself. Mia is a trusted reliable advisor – she asks all the right questions and pushes me in the right places, holding me to my highest self and helping me continue to grow.”

Monica Barrera

Policy Advisor, Congressional Aide, Wa. D.C.

Dear Mia,
This morning I was thinking about everything I received from you in our four weeks working together, and I realized that yesterday I hadn’t really thanked you. The insights and support that you gave me have allowed me to overcome the fear, paralysis, confusion, avoidance, and procrastination that were keeping me from moving forward to the next stage of my life. It feels wonderful and freeing now to be able to see the path forward and the next right things for me to do. Thank you!


Diana D.

New York University Faculty, NYC

“I connected with Mia on my very first session with her. She instantly made me feel calm and more at ease. She is there for me whenever I need her, providing an expert, outside opinion that makes me see things differently, inevitably allowing me to overcome fears and life obstacles. Mia is consistently understanding, reliable and an expert in her field. If you are having trouble in a relationship, in your career or even simply need to overcome certain anxieties, I would highly recommend speaking with Mia and enlisting her as a life coach.”

Jennifer Heal

Social Media, Digital Specialist, Whole Foods Market, NJ

“Working with Mia for the last two years has help me to shift my perspective in a deeply holistic way. Her genuine and heartfelt approach to guiding individuals through transitions has had a palpable impact on my work and personal life. ”

Amelia Black

Creative Research and Design, Sawyer Berson, NYC

“Mia is a master at creating that sacred space to explore, reflect and expand. Trust and skill are probably the most necessary when working with a clinical hypnotherapist, and Mia has both. Get ready to shift your world, go deep and get things moving in the right direction.”

Gabe Nies

Life Coach, CA.

“Mia is very friendly and I found it easy to develop a genuine rapport with her. From her feedback and helpful suggestions, life becomes less stressful to navigate. Each session, I leave with tools and ideas to help me power through the work week.”

Simone Davis

Marketing and Account Manager, Andrew Davison & Co., NYC

“I looked for an life coach for a while, trying a few others along the way. While my first attempts to work with an life coach were not great fits, working with Mia has been a profound experience. She has challenged me, helped me create structure and accountability to myself and with my team. My business is growing, my clients are happier and I am thankful to my life coach Mia. I recommend executive coaching with Mia to anybody who wants to improve their life and their bottom line.”

Bradley Giddens

SEO Lead, Saks Fifth Ave., NYC

“I hired Mia as a life coach with great results! Mia is a professional and expert in her field. She has helped me in several arenas in my life. I am grateful for her assistance and drive.”

Claribel Henriquez

Store Director, Jurlique, NYC

“Mia was supportive, insightful and extremely encouraging while I was exploring a new perspective and new options for my life. I strongly recommend her!”

Joan Z.

Business Owner, NYC

“The clarity and simplicity with which Mia has helped me to see any problem has been immeasurable. She has helped me to shift my focus and see what matters most in my life. I now feel like I can tackle anything. Thank you Mia!”

Andria Berkin

International Creative Director, Philosophy Skin Care, AZ

“Mia Mor helped me through a tough time I was going through a few years ago. Her style was different and it was very effective. I learned a lot from her at our weekly sessions. I still use the tools she gave me on daily basis. I loved working with her!”

Volga Calderon

Owner, Television and Film Production Company, Bite The Hand Inc., NYC

“If you would have told me a few years ago that a simple shift in thinking would help me change my life, I would have laughed! I was in what felt like a permanent funk and certain my life would never be what I had hoped it would be. Convinced that anti-depressants were my only hope, I started my search for a therapist. I was skeptical because therapists in the past had always been helpful initially but not long term, good at analyzing but not at guiding or unable to relate to my concerns, problems and interests.

When I first met Mia, I walked into her office, sat down, and began to cry. I released a tidal wave of frustrations, fears and desires and Mia listened. She understood, empathized, but oddly, did not seem terribly worried for me. She offered a mental exercise to do each day that would simply help me refocus my energy and thoughts in a more positive direction. That exercise changed my life – it gave me back the confidence I once had in my ability to regulate my mood, attitude and focus. It also gave me faith that Mia knew her stuff, and that she was someone who would help me, long term. I continued to see Mia; She was young enough to relate to my concerns and, at the same time,
she had the clinical experience to be an expert.

I continue to learn from Mia. She doesn’t instruct, criticize or consol me. Rather, week after week, she offers me innovative ways to view situations and people. Whether I am having a particular issue, a general feeling or nothing’s going on at all, I know that each week, I will leave our session feeling invigorated and ready to face my life with a positive outlook.

When I started seeing Mia, I was unhappy with my job, unimpressed with my accomplishments, miserable about my body, disgusted with a dreadful romantic life, and worst of all, seeing no way out, I possessed little to no motivation to change. Now, two years later, armed with my new approach to life, I am thrilled to say that I have pursued and completed my Masters Degree, I have completely transformed my body and I am in a committed relationship with a great guy! Mia did not suggest how or when to make any of these changes; She simply enabled me to channel the energy I’d expended in other ways towards a more positive end for myself. Most importantly, I have gained an extensive and essential arsenal of mental tools useful for everyday, real-world occurrences.”

Meryl M.

Peconic Partners, LLC., NYC

“My first experience of Mia Mor was really amazing. I didn’t know what to expect but I immediately felt comfortable opening up. We spoke about the reason I was reaching out and I really felt I was in a safe place, which is important to me because I don’t trust people easily. What I love about Mia’s background is that she is not only a Thetahealer but also a professional therapist with many years of experience in several modalities. Our first theta healing session actually really helped so I decided to explore further with her and so far I am truly grateful for the doors she has helped me open and for the lessons that I have already learned. She is really gifted and I highly recommend her.”

Nancy Danino

Independant Music Professional, NYC

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